Taverna Featured

Taverna 750 (Website, Identity)

Taverna 750 is a new restaurant concept. They wanted their identity and website to be an extension of their physical space, which was and updated theme based on 1940’s French

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Scarlet Featured

Scarlet Bar Chicago (Website, Identity)

Scarlet Bar Chicago wanted to play off their signature red chandelier at the bar entrance. By combining interior photographs of textures within the physical space, and using the chandelier as

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Hollywords Featured

Hollywords (Website)

Richard Kroon writes dictionaries and informational materials related to the filming industry and needed a website that reflected his growing number of published works. By focusing on select titles and

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Athletes Featured

Athletes Helping Athletes (Website)

Nonprofit startup Athletes Helping Athletes wanted a website that would function as a social media and fundraising tool, while staying true to its mission of funding athletic groups in need

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Da Gragnano Farms Identity

A farm specializing in olives and pomegranates wanted a stamp-like logo that merged the very different produce in a way that made sense.  

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2013 Gift Guide Featured Image

American Bar Association: 2014 ABA Publishing Gift Guide (Direct Mail, Web)

This direct mail piece was setup to sell books as gifts during the 2013 holiday season. Sales totaled $29k, surpassing goal and creating more awareness of the ABA Publishing imprint. 

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Facebook Featured Image

American Bar Association: Facebook Campaign (Web, Email, Print Ad)

To expand the ABA’s social media footprint, we designed a campaign with the ABA Rule of Law Initiative that offered multiple sponsored prizes. The grand prize was a choice of

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Cyber Monday Featured Image

American Bar Association: Cyber Monday Sale (Print, Web)

The ABA sells books, publications and continuing learning media through its webstore. For Cyber Monday, we wanted to convey a 40% off winter sale for books while remaining neutral to

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Notables Feature Image

American Bar Association: Notables Recruitment Campaign (Email)

This campaign was designed to have the ABA’s most prominent lawyer members tell their stories to recruit new members for the association. This campaign surpassed its original goal and recruited

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American Bar Association – Level Up Member Engagement Game (Website, Video, Identity, Print)

The ABA was having trouble getting new members with free membership trials to interact with and know the benefits they were being offered. As a fun, new way for members

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