ABA Leisure Identity

New ABA initiative, ABA Leisure, needed an identity and marketing collateral that was distinct from the standard ABA brand, promoting networking and leisure aspects separate, but necessary, to legal professionals.


  • Design a series of stamp-style logos using a versatile, narrow typeface referencing the upscale ABA brand with a softer circle form and more soothing color palate to counteract the more rigid ABA brand.
  • Design print collateral using imagery that places the viewer in the scene directly related to the content.


  • Program launch generated memberships in the thousands.
  • GDUSA award winner: Identity 2015.

Logo design, image sourcing, layout of all print collateral and project management.

  • leisure-logo-all.jpg
  • leisure-logo.jpg
  • leisure-wine-logo.jpg
  • leisure-golf-logo.jpg
  • leisure-travel-logo.jpg
  • leisure-brochure.jpg
  • leisure-ad.jpg

ABA Leisure Web and Email

ABA Leisure needed a digital portfolio, including a pre-launch website, website, email template and video.


  • Design pre-launch website using new identity and branded imagery.
  • Consult and art direct design for larger full website launch.
  • Create video for website home page and digital event displays with minimal budget.
  • Design email template for marketing communications, beginning with Cyber Monday promotions.


  • Pre-launch website gained traction through member base, signing up 1,500 members for future launch.
  • Cyber Monday emails garnered over 50% average open and 15% click-through rates.
  • GDUSA award winner - web design 2015.

web design (pre-launch site), art direction and design consulting (full website), videography, email design.

  • leisure-web-1.jpg
  • leisure-web-2.jpg
  • leisure-web-3.jpg
  • leisure-web-4.jpg
  • leisure-web-5.jpg
  • leisure-email-1.jpg
  • leisure-email-2.jpg

Perry Mason Book Series

Ankerwycke, ABA’s new publishing imprint, acquired the print rights to the Perry Mason book catalog and set out to rebrand and relaunch the series. Requirements included that each book have a numbered banner and the series be cohesive in style and color.


  • Using a silhouetted “mad men” style approach, modernize the most recognizable illustrated covers.
  • Grey, black and red anchor colors across the covers and spines convey both mystery and “pulp” aspects of the novels.

The first 5 books sold out on release, prompting new print runs. Further titles are currently being released.

Brand identity, design of 15 book covers.

  • perry-mason-all.jpg
  • perry-mason-1.jpg
  • perry-mason-2.jpg
  • perry-mason-3.jpg
  • perry-mason-4.jpg

LevelUp: ABA Gamification Campaign

The American Bar Association wanted a game developed to engage mostly younger, disengaged members to interact with the ABA’s offerings while collecting user information to more accurately target member outreach.


  • Brainstorm name and develop game structure with both design and marketing teams.
  • Design microsite featuring an interactive, 4-level, point-based game using prizes to promote ABA member offerings.
  • Create "iron-cross" style direct-mail print piece driving members to the game portal.
  • Storyboard and design video instructions showcasing ease of participating.


  • 25.3% increase in paid member retention among players vs. non-players.
  • Chicago Interactive Marketing Association award finalist - gaming category 2013.

Brand identity, microsite design, video storyboard with creative elements, “iron cross” style direct mail design.

  • level-up-portal.jpg
  • level-up-brochure.jpg
  • level-up-video.jpg

ABA Rewards for Referrals

When American Bar Association Student membership was made free in the 2015-2016 membership year, marketing needed a microsite designed to entice current student members to recruit new student members. Requirements included the usage of real ABA member images and responsive design.


  • Use on-file student member photos with an Instagram-style filter on each page to cater to the student audience.
  • Wireframe and design mobile and desktop versions of microsite.

Pending: Campaign will run through the 2015-2016 membership year.

Wireframe design, website design, image enhancement.

  • rep-rewards-01.jpg
  • rep-rewards-02.jpg
  • rep-rewards-03.jpg

And Justice For All Facebook Campaign

The American Bar Association wanted to increase awareness of, and interaction with, their Facebook presence among their members by generating "likes" through a travel-themed, prize-based contest.


  • Design Facebook contest layout using airplanes to drive home an international grand prize theme while using motion and color to draw users to the "like" button.
  • Design ABA Journal advertisement to reach members that are not as active in digital communications.
  • Design collateral pieces such as stickers, billing buckslips and postcards to ensure campaign reaches members across multiple channels.


  • Total number of followers increased from roughly 8,000 to 22,000 (over 175%).
  • CADM Tempo award winner 2013.

Contest design/layout, print advertisement, print and direct mail collateral (billing buckslips, stickers, postcards, etc.).

  • facebook-web-1.jpg
  • facebook-web-2.jpg
  • facebook-web-3.jpg
  • facebook-web-ads.jpg
  • facebook-ad.jpg
  • facebook-buckslip.jpg

ABA Cyber Monday Ad Campaign

For Cyber Monday, the American Bar Association needed a full suite of digital ads for web, social media and email, as well as an ABA Journal advertisement to promote sales of their books and continuing legal education (CLE) products. Requirements included visuals not explicitly conveying "holiday" or "Christmas," and have 2 sets of collateral for lead-up and day-of sale.


  • Design an eye-catching, colorful pattern of snowflakes and type for each web ad.
  • Emphasize most important phrases in text-heavy messaging using bold typefaces and colors.
  • Tie print version to digital version using both ABA products and snowflake in circle pattern.

Increased year-over-year sales of 14%.

Design theme, digital ad layout, print advertisement.

  • cyber-monday-web-ads.jpg
  • cyber-monday-ad.jpg

ABA Be a Leader Campaign

The American Bar Association wanted to leverage their more high-profile lawyer members by sharing their positive experiences with the ABA to A) increase retention among current members by inspiring them to share their own stories and interact with the ABA, and B) using those examples as a platform to recruit new members.


  • Design email campaign featuring 17 of the most prominent lawyer members.
  • Brand the campaign using the angles of the ABA logo with vivid blue and green colors.
  • Design microsite portal based on email campaign for uploading lawyer member stories and signing up new members.


  • 3,000 memberships generated at a very low cost/member.
  • CADM Tempo Award Winner - best in class 2014.

Aesthetic Look/feel, email layout, art direction.

  • be-a-leader-email-1.jpg
  • be-a-leader-email-2.jpg
  • be-a-leader-email-3.jpg
  • be-a-leader-web-1.jpg
  • be-a-leader-web-2.jpg

30 Tips in 30 Minutes Infographics

The ABA "30 Tips in 30 Minutes" advice series needed an infographic-style approach to keep readers engaged through each long list of tips. Requirements included having consistent typography and layout through the whole series, but a unique color scheme and design element for each separate infographic.


  • Designed and/or modified iconography related to content for each infographic.
  • Developed 4 separate patterns related to content within each infographic.

Member engagement went up, especially among student members whom benefited most from test and first-year tip lists.

Icon design, pattern creation, layout.

  • infographic-1.pdf
  • infographic-2.pdf
  • infographic-3.pdf

Da Gragnano Farms Identity

Create an identity for California olive and pomegranate farm, Da Gragnano Farms.

Design a modernized rustic, stamp-style logo using an olive wreath filled with pomegranates.

Farm has successfully launched organic pomegranate business. Olive trees are currently developing.

Identity creation.

  • da-gragnano-logo.jpg

Scarlet Bar Chicago Identity

Create an identity for local Chicago bar, Scarlet, based on their signature scarlet-colored chandelier, symbolic of early 1900's gay culture where gay men would wear small scarlet wristbands to identify themselves with other gay men in an act of both safety and community.


  • Design "bling" to represent the chandelier and place inside the A and E of Scarlet.
  • Use updated, yet period-appropriate, font styling.

Scarlet continues to use identity, and has been successful for over 8 years.

Identity creation.

  • scarlet-logo.jpg

Taverna 750 Identity

Create an identity for local Chicago restaurant, Taverna 750, based on 1930’s and 1940’s French fashion.


  • Design Art Deco inspired logo using the numbers in a fashion-label style approach.
  • Design a truncated mark for business cards and tight space usage.

Taverna continues to use identity, and has been successful for over 5 years.

Identity creation, truncated identity creation.

  • scarlet-logo.jpg