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ABA Leisure
Identity and Print Collateral

2015 GD USA Award Winner

Can work and play coexist in the business of law? The American Bar Association set out to prove it possible with its community-based program, ABA Leisure. With ABA Wine, ABA Golf, and ABA Travel as the initial communities, ABA members can network, relax, and enjoy the things they love in their free time with other like-minded members. Using slightly muted, yet still bold colors, we created a unique experience separate from the slightly more rigid ABA brand. Soft-launched in 2014, the program officially launches in Fall 2015.

  • leisure-logo-all.jpg
  • leisure-logo.jpg
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ABA Leisure
Web and Interactive

2015 GD USA Award Winner

For the interactive portion of this project, we wanted our members to feel they were already part of a larger community. When looking at our website or emails, they should feel like they're at the beach, a wine tasting, a fantastic restaurant on vacation — not just passively looking at pictures of others having fun. By using images that work directly with their respective logo/color palette, along with solid word-of-mouth via members, ABA Leisure has been able to garner significant interest, with emails drawing click-through rates over 50%. Soft-launched in 2014, the program officially launches in Fall 2015.

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Level Up
Gamification Campaign

2013 Chicago Interactive Marketing Association Finalist

Let’s face it: traditional marketing approaches to potential clients or members regarding one’s products and services just isn’t enough sometimes. Providing the opportunity for a target audience to interact with and familiarize themselves with what one has to offer is often the key to a successful bid. At the American Bar Association, recent law school graduates are automatically added as trial members upon graduation, but often are unaware of this benefit if they discard direct mailers or filter emails to their spam folder. With our Level Up gamification project, we offered points for ABA-related actions or personal information, such as signing up for trial services, free events, or even just providing the Association with an updated email address. This initiative resulted in increased member retention among players vs. non-players.

  • level-up-portal.jpg
  • level-up-brochure.jpg
  • level-up-video.jpg

ABA Cyber Monday
Web-driven Sales Campaign

Cyber Monday is huge at the American Bar Association, which self-publishes hundreds of books per year, as well as continuing legal education materials and even coloring books. But each year the question is always "How can we stick to our branding, convey 'holiday' without focusing on specific holidays, and show that we offer more than just books?" To solve this problem, we went with a snowflake-centric design with varying type widths and colors that lead the eye through the ads. An ad featuring several best-selling titles ran in the ABA Journal to share the message across multiple platforms, with a resulting 14% increase year-over-year in total sales for Cyber Monday.

  • cyber-monday-web-ads.jpg
  • cyber-monday-ad.jpg

And Justice For All
Social Media Campaign

2013 Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Tempo Award Winner

We all want to be liked, right? Well, the American Bar Association felt more people should like them on Facebook, so we put together a contest. The rules were simple - like our Facebook page, and be entered to win prizes including iPads, gift cards, and even a grand prize destination travel package designed to focus on injustice around the world. We used the travel aspect as the basis for design, and wound up with an eye-catching visual centered on getting people to press that “like” button...and it worked! Our Facebook followers increased from 7,000 to 23,000 in a matter of months.

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Be a Leader
Member Recruitment Campaign

2014 Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Tempo Award Winner

Everyone strives to emulate the achievements of their heroes. Whether at work, play, or home, having a goal and an example is crucial to success. “Be a Leader” was born out of a need to build a solid member recruitment campaign for the American Bar Association with a low budget. By featuring some of our most prominent lawyers, we asked our members to tell us why they're a leader in their field, and to invite their non-member friends to join and tell us as well. 3,000 new memberships were generated at a very low cost/member compared with previous member-get-a-member style campaigns.

  • be-a-leader-email-1.jpg
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  • be-a-leader-email-3.jpg
  • be-a-leader-web-1.jpg
  • be-a-leader-web-2.jpg

30 Tips in 30 Minutes
Infographic Campaign

Let's be honest—many presentations are long and boring, even when there's value in the information being provided. With our 30 Tips program, the American Bar Association set out to create short lists of tips for lawyers at varying stages of their careers, e.g. studying for the bar exam, making partner at your firm, closing your practice upon retirement, etc. To make the tips more visually appealing, we created themed infographics to make this essential information compelling, fun to read and easy to scan.

  • infographic-1.jpg
  • infographic-2.jpg
  • infographic-3.jpg

Scarlet Bar Chicago

In the earlier half of the 1900's, gay men and women faced enormous social consequences for living openly and chose to remain in the closet. As such, these individuals created codes, or little ways of signaling their orientation to those in the know. One such code was a scarlet colored band they would wear, which the owners of Scarlet Bar Chicago used as their inspiration for a their bar in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood. Their signature design piece is a scarlet colored chandelier encountered the minute you enter the bar. Using a slightly free-flowing, yet elegant text treatment, I incorporated some of the chandelier’s bling where appropriate to create a timeless identity rooted in LGBT history.

  • scarlet-logo.jpg

Taverna 750

Picture it: Paris. 1940. The food…the sights…the fashion. Capturing that feeling was precisely what the owners of Taverna 750 wanted their customers to do while dining at their restaurant. In looking at the large vintage black and white mural-sized photographs on the wall, I took inspiration in some of the art deco neon signage from the period as a basis for typography. The numbers 750 were intertwined to provide visual interest and act as a finishing stamp for the mark. A request for a truncated logo led to two designs, both of which are still in use today.

  • taverna-750-logo.jpg

Da Gragnano

Pomegranates and olives—one would normally be disinclined to combine these two fruits, but they form the livelihood of Da Gragnano farms in California. Creating a logo was a challenge in visually representing both items without overwhelming the name of the company. Using a circle form allowed the olive wreath and pomegranate icons to fit together snugly, while the name of the company stands out front and center. A bit of "rough-around-the-edges" texture adds a touch of earthiness to provide a locally grown feel to the mark.

  • da-gragnano-logo.jpg

Perry Mason Mysteries
Book Cover Series

When designing for a classic brand, sometimes its own history provides the basis for a great rebrand. The original Perry Mason series book covers had great illustrations, but lacked consistency across multiple print runs and reissues. To create a new, unified look for a collector’s edition print run of the entire series, I updated the original covers with consistent typography, color scheme, and silhouettes that transcend age and race. The added black band across the top of each cover and spine with the series number finished off a unified look that brings a modern take on an original classic.

  • perry-mason-all.jpg
  • perry-mason-1.jpg
  • perry-mason-2.jpg
  • perry-mason-3.jpg
  • perry-mason-4.jpg